Girish Mahabir
System & Security Engineer at OceanDBA

Girish Mahabir is a System and Security Engineer at OceanDBA. He is specializing in Linux systems and Security, always learning and tackling challenges to contribute to making the company advances. He also contributes some of his work, personal or professional on GitLab or GitHub, basically anything that can help the community and technology advance. Girish also occupied quite some positions in the past, which helped him learn a lot of technologies and understand different architectures. Some of those technologies are Linux, Bash, Python, Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, Beats, Docker, Ansible, Wazuh, LDAP and much more.

While being an IT professional, He's also a student at the Middlesex University Mauritius studying Computer Science Systems Engineering. While in university, he helps in the IT Clubs and represents the University in Inter-University Competitions as well as organizing workshops that aim in bridging the gap that is present between the university and the Industry.