Securing the Fast Lane: Accelerating SOC Defenses with DevSecOps Magic

Street Fighter
Saturday 20 July, 14:00 - 14:45

My session is focused on securing the Developer Operations and strategies that can help integrate integrate solid security practices to secure the DevOps pipeline in the context of a SOC environment.
Here is a breakdown of my session:
- Introduction to DevSecOps and the need for it in a Security Operations Centre (SOC)
- Overview of DevSecOps and the SOC perspective
- Benefits of adding DevSecOps to SOC environments
- Strategies for integrating Security into the DevOps pipeline
- Case Studies and Examples of Shift to DevSecOps
- DevSecOps tools for SOC
- Collaboration between Security and DevOps Teams
- Challenges faced and Solutions for Effective Implementation
- Continuous Improvement in DevSecOps processes
- Q&A session with attendees
If you are a developer who wants to understand cybersecurity and security monitoring better, then this session is for you. With your code and some best practices around security, we can build better processes to secure our systems and build effective and efficient defense strategies.
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