Achieving Zero downtime Deployment in Banking Applications

Donkey Kong
Saturday 20 July, 09:00 - 09:45

Embark on a journey of insights as the process of implementing zerodowntime deployment in the dynamic realm of banking applications is discussed. With millions of logins daily, substantial challenges were encountered, but commensurate rewards were achieved.

In this session, the adoption of Kubernetes will be explored, playing a pivotal role in the quest for seamless deployment. Experiences will be shared, delving into the hurdles faced, and lessons learned from several failed attempts that ultimately led to success.

Through a real-world case study, the transformative impact on the work-life balance of software engineers and the substantial improvement in customer experience for millions of users will be showcased. The approach taken will be detailed, illustrating how maintenance and bug fixes during peak usage were facilitated, while also elevating overall system resilience.
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