Let's Build a Low-Code/No-Code Mobile App and Desktop App using Microsoft's Power Platform

Thursday 18 July, 14:00 - 14:45

Exploring Microsoft's Power Platform: A Hands-On Journey from Canvas to Model-Driven Apps

In this immersive session, we invite attendees to delve into the transformative world of Microsoft's Power Platform, a pivotal force in the realm of low-code/no-code development. As we navigate through a live demonstration, participants will gain firsthand experience in swiftly crafting and deploying impactful business solutions, showcasing Microsoft's leadership in empowering developers with accelerated development capabilities.

Key Highlights of the Session:

Introduction to Microsoft's Power Platform: We will kick off with an insightful overview of the Power Platform, outlining its significance as a leading low-code/no-code solution in today's rapidly evolving technological landscape. Attendees will discover how the platform serves as a cornerstone for developers to innovate and address complex business challenges efficiently.

Live Demonstration: Creating a Canvas App: Engage in a hands-on demonstration where we will live create a Canvas App within a span of 15 minutes. This segment will highlight the intuitive design capabilities and flexibility of Canvas Apps, enabling personalized user experiences with minimal coding.

Transition to Model-Driven Apps: Continuing our exploration, we will shift gears to construct a Model-Driven App over another 15 minutes. This portion will emphasize the structured approach of Model-Driven Apps, leveraging data models and business logic to automate and streamline processes.

Interactive Q&A: Concluding with an open floor for questions and answers, this segment offers attendees the opportunity to clarify doubts, share insights, and engage in meaningful discussions on implementing Power Platform solutions in real-world scenarios.
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