The rise of the GAMER 🎮

Saturday 20 July, 11:00 - 11:45

I'm excited & honoured to present this year's DEVCONMU conversation under the umbrella of gaming. We welcome a special guest Cedric Sookahet, a local gamer with years of experience who will discuss with us the emerging gaming trends both in Mauritius & Internationally. 🕹

Cedric Sookahet started his career as a graphic designer and today is head of digital in a development startup. He has always been a geek at heart and spent his childhood playing Sonic the Hedgehog on the Mega Drive, his early teen years playing strategic games on PC (age of empires, warcraft, starcraft to name a few) and most recently playing Indie games, esport titles and MMORPGs. In 2019, Cedric founded the first geek platform in Mauritius, Geekin’ Moris, which has now expanded internationally and is known as We are Geekin’. We are Geekin’ is an online media and community, dedicated to sharing gaming, tech and pop culture news. Cedric has had the opportunity to interview and speak to various gaming studio heads and publishers from the US, Canada, Spain and Lithuania.

Please note this will be a recorded session & we'll ensure there is time ample time left for audience questions. Will also have a limited amount of goodies so make sure to stay until the end of the session 🎁
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