Digital accessibility

Street Fighter
Thursday 18 July, 12:00 - 12:45

An introduction to digital accessibility and why it matters more and more

I'll be examining methods to enhance accessibility for individuals with disabilities. We'll delve into both regulatory requirements and optimal approaches, spanning from project inception to development, ensuring broader accessibility across websites.

I will be discussing how addressing digital accessibility from the initial stages of a website's conception through to its development can lead to better outcomes. By integrating accessibility considerations early in the project lifecycle, we ensure more effective results by the end.

I will cover how essential it is for everyone involved in a digital project to focus on accessibility. This includes designers, who need to incorporate accessibility from the conception phase, tech leads who define accessibility specifications before development begins, and developers who implement these specifications by creating accessible components.

My presentation will focus on addressing accessibility throughout the different stages of a project. I will provide practical examples, including accessible designs, technical documentation, and development practices. Additionally, there will be live demonstrations showing how to use assistive technologies, such as navigation via keyboard and screen readers. This hands-on approach will help illustrate the importance of incorporating accessibility into every phase of our work.
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