Panel Discussion: Cloud Native Strategies for Mauritian Businesses

Donkey Kong
Thursday 18 July, 10:00 - 11:45

This panel discussion explores the transformative power of cloud-native strategies in driving digital business success. Experts will delve into how adopting cloud-native approaches accelerates development cycles, enhances scalability, and fosters innovation. Key topics include leveraging microservices, containers, and serverless architectures to optimize performance and reduce time-to-market. The discussion will also highlight automation tools and practices that streamline operations, improve efficiency, and support continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD). Attendees will gain insights into best practices and real-world applications, empowering them to navigate the complexities of digital transformation with agility and precision.

Panelists —

Dawid van der Merwe, Solutions Architect, SUSE.
Dawid is a problem solver by heart. He has fulfilled that role in various vocations for nearly two decades. His background includes engineering, software testing, product management, architect, ethical hacking, and now Sales Engineer with SUSE. His passion to understand a problem holistically is only second to solving the problem. To solve a problem he incorporates the people, the processes, and the technology to ensure a holistic solution is implemented.

Dr. Viv Padayatchy, Managing Director, Cybernaptics Ltd.
Managing Director, Cybernaptics Ltd. Member of the Council of Elders of the African Regional Internet Registry, AFRINIC. Former Chairman of the National Cybersecurity Committee.

Delphine Bissessur, Head of Digital, Afrasia Bank
Tech enthusiast who had the opportunity to work on ground breaking software in different industries from oil & gas to banking through medical research, she just wants to make the world a better place by providing innovative solutions to everyday problems.

Dhaneshwar Damry, Founder & CEO, Bhumishq, a Tier IV design data centre in Mauritius.

Avinash Meetoo, Director, Knowledge7.
Former Senior Adviser to the Ministry of Technology, Communication and Innovation, Former Member of Board of Directors of the National Computer Board, Former Member of the Board of Governors of the University of Technology, Former Digital Advocate and Head of Experimentation Lab at UNDP Mauritius and Seychelles.
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