Hugo + GitHub: Create Your Blog!

Street Fighter
Friday 19 July, 11:00 - 11:45

Learn how to create a fast and flexible website using Hugo (the star of this show) and host it for free on GitHub Pages (nominated for best supporting actor).

You will also get a taste of CI/CD using GitHub Actions, and we will close off with some neat tricks to keep the costs of keeping the website live at our preferred level (i.e. zero).

Walk out with newly found wisdom on:
- How to install and work with Hugo
- How to apply a theme in your site
- Creating and managing content
- Setting up GitHub Pages
- Deployment using GitHub Actions

If you want to follow along and do some live magic, you will need:
- A GitHub account
- Git installed on your machine
- A text editor of your choice
- A basic understanding of HTML, CSS
- A basic understanding of Markdown

While the technology itself is not overly complex, this session does bring together quite the mixture of concepts to cover.

Bring a fun attitude and a curious mind!
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