Signals – Fine-Grained Reactivity in Angular

Donkey Kong
Saturday 20 July, 12:00 - 12:45

Signals are used to achieve fine-grained reactivity. Seeing its growing popularity, Angular has brought Signals as a new feature to achieve Fine-Grained, Glitch-Free Reactivity. The signal is a new way to inform the template and another part of the codes that data has changed, and also, it will have more on how Change Detection would be propagated in the component tree. In the future, a Signal component would only cause the Change Detector to run only for the component where data has changed instead of the whole component tree.

So, what are signals? How would you create, read, and update it? Also, how can a signal and RxJS Observable be used together? This session answers all these questions with a working live coding example.
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