Supercharge Your Mobile App with Gemini: A Hands-on Guide

Friday 19 July, 13:00 - 13:45

Are you tired of traditional flashcards? Join this session to discover the "Flashcard Genius" concept, an innovative mobile app powered by Gemini, Google's foundation model for mobile apps.

We'll begin with a brief introduction to Gemini, highlighting its capabilities and potential to revolutionize mobile learning experiences. Then, we'll dive into a live demonstration showcasing how you can build a mobile app that incorporates the use of Gemini.

Witness the possibilities of:

Effortless searching: Find flashcards with ease using natural language queries.
Personalized quizzes: Get tested on your weakest areas with AI-generated quizzes.
Interactive learning: Receive insightful feedback, explanations, and alternative perspectives after each answer.
Knowledge consolidation: Generate summaries of key concepts from your flashcards for efficient revision.

This session is a concise, engaging exploration of how AI can transform the way we learn. Whether you're a student seeking a smarter study tool or simply curious about AI's potential, this session will spark your imagination and leave you wanting to learn more.
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