Beyond Bugs: The Overlooked Aspects of Software Testing

Street Fighter
Thursday 18 July, 16:00 - 16:45

Everyone can perform checks and report, but can everyone test?

It is essential to recognise that coding is not the sole protagonist in the Software Development Lifecycle. Testing, with meticulous scrutiny and validation, emerges as an equally consequential character. Although it can be challenging (more than people often realize), it is the guardian ensuring only reliable, secure and quality code goes live.

The goal of this session is to shift developers' perspective on software testing and quality assurance. We will talk about the various types of tests, levels of testing and how to choose the appropriate tests and tools for different projects/situations.

Both developers and testers who are curious enough to face their bugs.

* What are the differences between testing and checking?
* Where does testing fit in?
* Different flavours and levels of testing
* Project-focused test strategies

The level of complexity and ingenuity one can bring to testing rivals the thrill of development, and can be an entire career path in itself if one invests the time to master it.
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