.NET Diagnostics: Do I feel healthy at the moment?

Pac Man
Saturday 20 July, 11:00 - 11:45

Imagine being able to periodically assess the status, availability and performance of your project to output whether it is all operational or if there is a failure. Then, extend that thought from your project to deeper checks on individual nodes and critical services/logic in it. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

There are tools that can help you do that.
But what if it was inbuilt in the project itself, and even provides fallbacks for your project to self-heal if there is a problem?

This session aims to introduce the audience to .NET Health Checks, a nifty little addition to the .NET Framework that can work wonders in diagnostic and monitoring.

- What are health checks and why are they important?
- What are the types and levels of health checks?
- Health Checks middleware and libraries in .NET
- Customizing the health check response
- Resource utilization health checks
- Visualization of health check information

One of the biggest challenges you face when dealing with a customer-focused product is to be as proactive as possible in dealing with production issues. Let's see how close we can get in this session.
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