Inside the Mind of a Hacker: Ransomware Attack

Friday 19 July, 12:00 - 12:45

In this session, the audience will gain an understanding of ransomware attacks, learning how to take proactive measures to stay safe, and respond effectively to incidents. Attendees will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to mitigate the risks posed by ransomware and protect their digital assets. They will also understand through a demo session how ransomware are created.

What is Ransomware and How Does it Work?
Impact and Consequences of Ransomware Attacks
Different Types of Ransomware (Encrypting, Locker, Scareware)
Common Ransomware Vectors (Email Attachments, Malicious Links, Exploit Kits)
Notable Ransomware Families (WannaCry, Ryuk, Maze)

The Anatomy of a Ransomware Attack:
Infection Stage (Delivery, Execution, Privilege Escalation)
Encryption Stage (File Encryption, Network Encryption)
Extortion Stage (Ransom Demand, Payment Methods)
Preventing Ransomware Attacks:

Implementing Defense in Depth Strategies
Employee Training and Awareness Programs
Patch Management and Software Updates
Network Segmentation and Access Controls
Email Filtering and Anti-Phishing Measures
Endpoint Security Solutions and Behavior Analysis
Responding to Ransomware Attacks:

Developing an Incident Response Plan
Isolating Infected Systems and Networks
Identifying the Ransomware Variant and Attack Vector
Evaluating Backup and Recovery Options
Engaging with Law Enforcement and Cybersecurity Experts
Considering the Ethical and Legal Implications of Ransom Payments
Case Studies and Real-World Examples:

Notable Ransomware Incidents and Their Impacts
Lessons Learned from Successful and Unsuccessful Responses
Best Practices and Mitigation Strategies Based on Case Studies
Future Trends and Emerging Threats:

The Importance of Proactive Defense and Vigilance
Collaboration and Information Sharing in the Fight Against Ransomware
Building Resilience and Adaptability in the Face of Evolving Threats

Demo session on how ransomware are created.
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