Integrate Gemini into Your .NET Applications: Unleash the Power of Generative AI

Friday 19 July, 14:00 - 14:45

The world of .NET development just got a whole lot more exciting with the introduction of Gemini, Google's powerful large language model (LLM) API. This talk will guide you through seamlessly integrating Gemini into your .NET applications, unlocking a new level of functionality and creativity.

Working with the Gemini API

- Setting Up Your Project: We'll begin by exploring the steps to set up your .NET project for Gemini access. This includes acquiring the necessary credentials and installing the relevant libraries.
- Interacting with the API: Dive into making API calls to Gemini. We'll cover crafting clear and concise requests, specifying desired outputs, and handling various response formats.
- Processing the Results: Learn how to effectively process Gemini's responses within your application. This includes parsing generated text, interpreting data structures, and integrating the results into your application logic.

Why choosing Gemini?

Gemini offers a diverse range of features:

- Range of specific tasks, such as writing different creative text styles or translating languages.
- Streaming responses which allow fast responsiveness in your applications.
- 1M token to provide context and increase accuracy of responses.
- Multimodal support allowing the combination of text, images and videos for analysis and generation of content.
- Model tuning, which provides the ability to instruct a base model with your data for reality-augmented generation (RAG) and reduction of hallucinations.

Supercharge Your .NET Applications with Gemini

- Boost Developer Productivity: Spend less time on repetitive tasks like code generation or text formatting. Let Gemini handle the heavy lifting!
- Enhance Application Functionality: Integrate features like text summarization, sentiment analysis, or question answering to elevate your application's capabilities.
- Unleash Creative Potential: Generate new ideas, explore different writing styles, or even create prototypes with the help of Gemini's creative text formats.
- Stay at the Forefront of Innovation: Be among the first to leverage cutting-edge generative AI technology in your .NET applications.

Code Examples and Demos

Throughout the talk, we'll showcase practical code examples demonstrating how to integrate Gemini functionalities into your .NET applications. Live demos will further solidify your understanding and ignite your imagination for potential use cases.


Gemini opens a new chapter for .NET development. By integrating this powerful LLM API, you can streamline workflows, unlock creative possibilities, and build smarter, more engaging applications. Take the first step towards the future of .NET development – start integrating Gemini today!
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