Linux for the Cloud Native Practitioner

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Friday 19 July, 15:00 - 15:45

In this session, we will cover *almost* everything that a Cloud Native Practitioner requires as essential skills in order to work with Linux. This session will be useful for an aspiring DevOps, professionals seeking roles in SRE, and even developers and QA testers who happen to have a workload on a Linux environment.

We will crunch a lot of information within 45 mins.

We will cover:
— Critical components of a Linux OS
— Essential Access Control Mechanisms
— Filesystems
— Package Management
— Containers
— Networking
— Observability

I will share real-life scenarios on incidents, with major implications, but that could be solved with essential Linux knowledge.

E.g — you have a web application that has been running properly for months, then out of the blue, your users notify you of a downtime. You check and see that the CPU load is very high but network traffic is not (it's the usual traffic). What could be wrong with the app or your infra?

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