Campsite - Fire Chat: AI & Future Jobs

Donkey Kong
Saturday 20 July, 14:00 - 15:45

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to reshape industries and societies, it’s crucial to explore its impact on jobs, ethics, and opportunities. In this campsite fire chat we’ll delve into the following key areas:

The Changing Landscape of Work
How AI is supporting and even transforming traditional job roles, creating new ones, and necessitating upskilling.

Ethical Considerations
Balancing innovation with responsible AI deployment, addressing bias, and ensuring transparency.

Unlocking Opportunities
Identifying AI-driven business prospects, entrepreneurship, and fostering collaboration.

Join our diverse group of panelists with different roles in the industry as they share insights, debate challenges, and envision a future where AI enhances human potential. Whether you’re a developer, business leader, or curious enthusiast, this session promises thought-provoking discussions and actionable takeaways.


Matthew Hood
Product Director - Ringer South Africa

Beatrice Kinya
Android Engineer | Google Developer Expert for Android

Yhesma Jankee-Chukoory
Director Toucon Management Consulting Ltd | Providus Technologies Ltd | GlobalRise Services Ltd

Jochen Kirstätter
CEO - IOS Indian Ocean Software Ltd.

Vidush H. Namah
CEO - Orion Consulting (Mauritius) | .NET User Group Mauritius
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