Securing MariaDB: Essentials of Encryption, Protection, and Access

Street Fighter
Saturday 20 July, 12:00 - 12:45

Join us for a concise, impactful session designed for professionals seeking to elevate their MariaDB database security. This session shall cover the essentials of safeguarding your data, including encryption techniques for data at rest, strategies to protect data in transit, and robust access control mechanisms. Whether you're an administrator, developer, or IT security enthusiast, this presentation will arm you with practical insights and actionable steps to fortify your MariaDB databases against threats. Get ready to dive into the world of MariaDB security, demystify complex concepts, and walk away with the knowledge to implement best practices in your organization. Plus, stay engaged for a lively Q&A session where your questions bring depth to the discussion. Secure your spot and empower your database security posture with confidence!
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